Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weebly Class Website Creation Reflection

Overall, I am very satisfied with my website, and I am exciting to think that I haven't even scratched the surface of the possibilities for it. It was frustrating getting used to the website construction software, and my biggest complaint is that if I wanted to change something, there was no easy to do it. For example I realized that I had set up all of my links so that they would open in the same browser window. I decided that I instead wanted them to open in a new window, but the only way (that I found) to do this was to reset all the links manually, by redoing everything I had already done. I was also frustrated with the inflexibility of the software, I wasn't as free to organize the text and images a I wanted to be, but this is something I have to accept with any free software. With all this said I was actually pleased with the software, I feel that my site is professionally looking and it really was not hard to create once I got used to the software.
Im not sure if I will use this site in my class. I think that theres a good chance I will tell my students about it, because I can easily share interesting and helpful links with my them, and it also provides a way to get in touch with me, but I'm not sure how big a part of my curriculum it will be. I think only time will tell and it depends largely on how creative I am willing to be.
I checked my website for 508 compliance using Truwex Online 2.0 and I failed with six issues and twenty warnings. I received two issues that were very similar, " I read the description for two of the issues and essentially they tell me that the color of some of my text is too similar to the color to my background, and because of this it may be hard to read for some. Some of the text on my website is grey and the background in white so I believe that this is the issue. I like having two different colors for text on my website, but I realize that I one of those colors should not be gray if my background is white. I will experiment with different colors until i found something that both pleases me and passes 508 compliance.

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