Monday, June 7, 2010

Web Resources I Would Use In My Biology Classroom


This first link brings us to a service entitle biovisions provided by Harvard University. The video I am most excited to use in my classroom can be reached by clicking "All Media," on the left, and the video is titled Inner Life. I am so excited to use this video because I believe that biology is a complicated field full of dense concepts and facts that can easily discourage young learners. I feel that seeing visual representations of these concepts is invaluable as students work toward a true understanding of the field. I believe that use of this video in the classroom is an example of "good teaching" because it is an engaging and exciting film that was created using state of the art technology and the most scientific understandings. The video provides a potentially life-changing view of cells as a true living entities, and teaches a lesson to young students that words alone cannot. Finally, I believe that this film can lead to competency in the field because the beauty and intrigue of the film will provoke the students to question how cells do all the wonderful things they do, and this will ultimately lead to motivated students.


This second link takes us to a site thatprovides a friendly overview and introduction into the world of scientific journals. I think the site will be useful to young learners of biology because it is designed as an informal introduction that dispels some of the common misconceptions students might have. Also the number of links that the website provides for actual scientific journals is limited, which is important because it doesn't overwhelm the student with choices. I feel that the site could be used by "good teachers' because it provides a simple introduction into the world of real life science and real life scientist. Students can begin to understand how pure science is a cordial and collaborative process, and by exploring some of the links to journals they can see how professional scientists use the same basic concepts of scientific method that students are learning in the classroom. I feel that showing the student how the skills they are developing now are being used by highly trained and sophisticated people justifies the hard work students put into their lab assignments and gives their school work relevancy, which will promote interest and eventually understanding.


This final link brings you to an innovative and highly interactive online laboratory in which students will explore and understand the concepts of genetic inheritance through virtual fruit fly crosses (breeding). I believe that students will enjoy this site and will learn from it because the site is easy to use (the directions for each steps are clearly stated on the screen) and highly interactive (as students follow the instructions the screens often change as the student is walked through a virtual genetics laboratory). I feel that both these aspects are key to holding the students attention and preventing them from becoming frustrated and giving up. I feel this interactive tool allows for "good teaching" because students are presented with a wide variety of options, which allows for independent exploration and encourages students to revisit the resource after class time is over. I believe that this tool promotes competency because it provides students with a sense of working in a real laboratory and introduces them to the type of hands on work scientific research involves.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Please visit the links (especially the first) and let me know if you like the resources I chose.

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