Thursday, June 3, 2010

Microsoft Office Word can be used in ...

Microsoft Office Word Can Be Used In The Classroom To Enhance Teaching And Student Learning.

Teachers can…

  • Create and mass-produce professional and easy to read handouts and lesson plans.
  • Give students instant feedback by using "Track Changes" and then emailing the edited document to the student.
  • Share a collection of web page URLs via email that students will use to jump start their research projects. 
  • Use Word in conjunction with SMARTBoard technology to save a digital copy of class notes compiled during lecture.

Students can…

  • Compose and edit written work with greater ease than handwritten work.
  • Create written work that is professional looking and easy to read.
  • Share their work with the teacher and classmates via the Internet.
  • Receive feedback from teachers at night or over the weekend with "Track Changes" and email.
  • Compile an easy to access collection of important information from different web pages for later use by "Copy and Pasting."
  • Use tools, such as footnotes, to professionally cite sources in research papers. 

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